Field Day 2017

The 2017 Field Day was another successful event for CCARC. Set up this year was 
again at a section of property provided by Paul (KB3YXS) located in the 
Amberleigh Farms area which actually overlooks Gilbert Run park.

   On Saturday morning about 1000, Rob (N2OMC), Paul (KB3YXS) and Bob (KB3KOW) 
converged on the spot to start getting the site set up. This year the club ran 
as a 2A site, so two radios on emergency power.  The antenna’s used were a 
vertical which had been set up by Paul, and a G5RV with one end strung in the 
trees and the other end to a small portable mast, so it was a bit of a sloper. 
The radios in use were the MK-716 for voice and an IC-718 for both voice and 

   The operating area was two small tables under a 12x12 pop-up canopy and the 
very quiet Honda generator was several feet away near the shed. It ran so 
quietly we didn't even realize it was on and providing power. We were joined 
this year by Bryan, a Boy Scout from Troop 1780, who wasn't working on any 
Merit Badges but wanted to see what it was all about. During Saturday afternoon 
and evening Bryan and Bob worked 40m on both voice and digital. Bryan was able 
to hook quite a few contacts by calling CQ and seem to be enjoying himself.  
A second set of guests were Kelly and Jake, who participated in the “connector 
day” that was recently hosted by Pam and Jeff. They observed the operations 
and asked some questions.

  Lee (N3YWZ) showed up Saturday afternoon and had a good time catching up 
with him. Lee was able to get on the air and make some contacts while on site. 
Sharon (KB3GHI) was not able to make it, I know she really wanted to though 🙂 
The Field Day site was also paid a visit by Tom Abernethy (W3TOM), the ARRL 
Atlantic Division Director and Deb (KA3VNF) before we shut down for the evening.

  On Sunday morning, Paul and Bob returned at 0600 to get the radios set back 
up and continued to operate for the next 3 hours or so.  Art (AA3RT) was also 
able to stop by and make his customary FD contact.

   All in all another good Field Day for the club. A lot of members had other 
comments so the turnout was low but the weather was excellent and the bands 
were hopping so a good event overall. Many thanks to Paul for the use of the 
equipment and the site, appreciate it sir! And of course thanks to Bob for his 
efforts this weekend and for writing most of this report. If we forgot to 
mention anyone, please forgive us for being old!

Rob - N2OMC
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