The Charles County Amateur Radio Club

Founded November 1997

Since its early beginnings the Charles County Amateur Radio Club (CCARC) has been serving the amateur radio operators and the citizens of CharlesCounty and the surrounding area.  The club prospers from a membership with a diverse range of interests and bolsters these interests through educational programs and on air activities.  The CCARC serves the community through voluntarily providing skilled communications services as needed.

Members of the CCARC annually provide tactical communications support for organizations such as the March of Dimes and the Oxon Hill Bike and Trail Club.  Whether keeping track of the location of the first and last person on a course, refreshment supply levels, or arranging help for participants with mechanical or physical troubles we keep organizers informed and their operation running smoothly. 

Several members of CCARC are members of the Charles County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES).  These members provide communication back up during times of emergency, severe weather, and other disasters.  Most frequently they set up radio equipment at County emergency shelters where they maintain constant contact with the CountyEmergencyOperationsCenter with regard to needs and conditions at the various emergency shelters and passing messages to and from other shelter staff members.

Other members of the CCARC participate in the monthly local hospital emergency communications ham radio network.  These members staff amateur radio communications facilities established in Charles Regional Medical Center (CRMC) and the Fort Washington Medical Center.  This system was established to keep area hospitals intercommunicating during times of telecommunications infrastructure failure. 

The CCARC also supports various Scouting activities throughout each year.  We have helped many Scouts earn their Radio Merit Badge and learn the fine points of radio direction finding through radio foxhunting activities.  Many area Scouts have enjoyed talking to other Scouts all over the globe via club member’s amateur radio equipment during the Scouting organization’s annual Jamboree on the Air event.

Other on air activities that the CCARC participates include the annual Field Day exercise sponsored by the American Radio Relay League and the Maryland-DC QSO Party sponsored by the Anne Arundel Radio Club.  The CCARC also hosts weekly radio nets for club members and any guests.  Special event stations are run periodically each year to commemorate various local historical events, local parks and geographical landmarks.

The CCARC hosts non on air events as well.  Among the favorites are technical workshops and electronic kit building sessions.  Workshop topics range from construction of simple antennas to setting up digital voice and data transmission systems. 

Our club meetings are the first Friday of every month (Holidays excluded) and we meet at the LaPlata Rescue Squad located at 2 Calvert St, LaPlata, MD.